Property Facts & Highlights

  • Gently sloping topography with a maximum elevation of about 100 feet.
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Boat access from Toquart Bay Forestry Campground
  • Private Islands on the west coast of Vancouver Island are rare

Snowden Island is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, this beautiful 64-acre private island sits in the protected waters of Toquart Bay near the Pacific Rim National Park.

Listing Agents

Mark Lester
604 692 1409

Alan L. Johnson
604 671 0445

Property in detail

The island's topography is gently sloping with a maximum elevation of about 100 feet. The low profile and treed buffer along the waterfront of the entire island provides for privacy and excellent development potential. There may also be the potential to rezone and subdivide.

Beautiful beaches surround the island and there is abundance of salmon, halibut, oysters, clams and prawns. Although the inland portions of the island were recently logged, vibrant new growth is anticipated from recent planting of indigenous cedar seedlings.

There is a good road providing access throughout the island. The island is accessible by boat from Toquart Bay Forestry Campground. Currently, there is a barge ramp on the west side of the island which would make an ideal location for a dock fronting on a beautiful bay.

With 360-degree panoramic views and spectacular viewpoints, Snowden Island is truly a west coast gem!

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